When first got the card i was excited about put it in and start useing it, how ever it did not work as expected the card was defected and in the end after talking to MSI about it, it crashed my computer and had to have it sent in to MSI, i never thought this would happen with ebay and the card i had before this one i got from tigerdirect. The memory clock speed remained at 3. Noctua NH-D15, Couple questions. For details of accessories, please refer to the descriptions on the product package. My Thoughts about my item when i got it This video card sports a custom cooling solution for reduced noise and temperatures.

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Show More Show Less. Microstar Internationalknown more commonly as MSI, is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of PC hardware. As with any other indirectly exhausted cooling device, proper air circulation is important with this video card to ensure that hot air produced by this video card is removed from the inside of the case. The back of the box contains rather a lot of data in several languages, a basic feature list and system requirements list. There is no game this can’t blow away.

MSI R4870-MD1G

Visual representation of the products may not be perfectly accurate. For details of accessories, please refer to the descriptions on the product package. It’s a great value!


The bundle included with this video card is remarkably slim. There is also a large milled aluminum heat-sink mated to the power management circuitry. When the newer version launched, the increased framebuffer proved that it could provide a tangible benefit in some games, while other games proved less capable of utilizing the full 1GB of memory. One side of the box features the model label, indicating that the video card includes a fan, is HDMI ready, and misspelled “CorssFire” should be CrossFire compatible.

msu The outer packaging features MSI’s new lower-case logo and a large armored monster, as well as various icons describing some of the video card’s features. Might be old, but with NEW specs! Lower internal resistance, provides better overclocking capability, stability and lower r4870-,d1g. With these connections available, you should not need an adaptor if you are using a single r4870-ms1g. It is a 1Gbit model rated at 5Gbps. All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only.

As you can plainly see, the familiar red plastic shrouded heat-sink is gone from the R MD1G, and has been replaced by a svelte aluminum heat-sink with 2 copper heat-pipes and a copper base. However, for comparing temperature and power we will include a reference Radeon HD 1GB with reference cooler to see the differences.

For example, I can now play Dirt 2 at MAX settings and all other games I’ve tried can be played at the highest settings! My Thoughts about my item when i got it Recently MSI has refreshed their own logo giving them a sleek new look. Their product lineup includes motherboards, video cards, notebooks, server and desktop barebones, and other accessories.


Warhead 5 – Fallout 3 6 – Far Cry 2 7 – F. Skip to main content. Therefore, we will not include one in our gameplay evaluation. The thing that sets this video card apart is the 3rd party cooler design. Extra Long Mis Solid Capacitors.

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MSI RMD1G – graphics card – Radeon HD – 1 GB Overview – CNET

Just like other Radeon HD s, this video card requires two 6-pin auxiliary power supply connectors. As we can see from the side view, the copper heat-pipes extend out from the heat-sink base and fan out around the core heat-sink, and have thin heat-sink blades attached to msl remove heat from the heat pipes themselves and the liquid inside. DirectX Version Support Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country.

Riddle me this, batman; WTH is going on with It is worth noting here that there is no duct to direct r4870-mf1g air to exit the computer via the ventilation slots on this video card.