Had I chosen to seal off the slot next to the expansion slots, I’m pretty sure temps would be higher. Thu Jan 13, Wed Dec 29, 1: The nice thing is, with my B Antec case, the mm exhaust fan is right where the VM grates are, so it just sucks the heat right out. On the software side of things, MSI goes a little overboard, but the huge software pack is not really reflected in the price, as MSI is one of the cheaper GT’s around. On the next page, we’ll take a look at the card up close. Help us get samples!

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I did a touch test early on in the testing last night on the sink and it was only luke warm but I’ll have to try another temp.

Review: MSI’s NXGT-TDE – Graphics –

The thought of the RAM and every other component getting as hot as the circuit board does not sound good to me. When it comes to bundling goodies with their hardware, MSI is tough to beat.

Test Setup and Overclocking. Idle on the CPU dips as low as 37C. Final Thoughts and Conclusion. Don’t be fooled by the Doom3 sticker – it doesn’t come with the card, it can just play it.

Micro-Star MSI NX6600GT -TD128E – graphics adapter – GF 6600 GT – 128 MB ( NX6600GT-TD128E

I’ve since figured that if rpm isn’t audible anyway, why not just leave it there? All openings in the entire case are taped off with blue masking tape except for the side duct and that vertical opening in the back, where the expansion cards are screwed down.


The other software is what is remarkable. It’s all these little changes that make videocards so fascinating In this episode we will be discussing Pandora and Shazam get sold, Sony caves in to the Fortnight pressure and a few reasons why you might want to stay indoors this fall. gtt

At first I had my doubts that the heatsink tt fit under my CPU cooler http: Here you can play bx6600 slots online or visit this site about online casinos at Australia aucasinosonline. Yet zalman’s site used to say that you couldn’t use their heatpipe vga cooler in an inverted case like the lian-li’s I’ll try to get some more exact figures later tonight.

We have those stories and more Wed Jan 05, Pandora is Magically Sold!

Tue Dec 28, 1: I recommend being really gentle with the whole thing once it’s put together. Sat Jan 08, mmsi Also, if you attempt to adjust the positioning of the computer by msj it in a reverse direction, the product will not function properly either, so you should place your computer ft in its normal position. There’s Poo on the Touchscreen In this episode we are discussing there’s poo on the touchscreen, Facebook tried to sell your data and Microsoft is worth as much as Apple – How’d nnx6600 happen?


Also, it seems like the base heatsink is just a few millimeters tall enough to prevent use of a slot below. Wed Dec 29, 1: Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The way the clips are, the arms are free to rotate and slide in their slots, so the cooler itelf can shift if handled without care.

Donate for Patron or Friend Status! The side duct acts as an intake for the XP while the opening in the rear acts as an intake for the VM Does anyone have real world experience with upside-down heatpipes and their thermal performance?

MSI also includes a Dynamic Overclocking Tool that is supposed to automatically overclock your card to various levels that you choose. Thu Jan 13, Fri Jan mi, 5: If I knew this card didn’t report temps, I would’ve chosen another card.