This pc makes me crazy. But that didn’t solve my problem. Staring July 7th tomorrow at 5am est. Log in or sign up in seconds. It contains answers to nearly every question a new player could have.

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Gives exp each run if i just use 1 creature.

You can’t measure “good” or “fast”. I integrated amd chipset sata drivers to xp home with no sp cd and same again.

Worked on another pc but mine is not. Faceless Library XP Event self.

You should also refrain from making posts promoting your guild. Log in or sign up in seconds. Any question that is specific to your account e. When do you get the error message? I have packard bell me35 u I tried a lot kinds of xp but it didn’t work.

Packard Bell EasyNote ME35 laptop drivers for Windows XP x86

If you are dedicated you can reach 45 to Level 50 with that Event quite fast. The cd drive was pretty old and didn’t work all the time.


BB code is on. The problem is when i’m trying to install xp,it gives blue screen error. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This pc makes me mme35. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Je35 to add to the discussion? The game released globally on May 29th and is available for Android and iOS. Is it, after the “Starting windows” message after it loads all the drivers? Mee35 very first thing you should do upon entering this sub is read the Super Sticky Post in its entirety!

Instead, the me5 just didn’t see the drives. Only post outside the Weekly Advice Thread if you want to start a general discussion about some aspect of the game. Takes me sec. The Training Dungeon is open. For the heck of it, can you try using another disk drive to load windows? Virus Problem, Please Help. Computer powers off in sleep mode This is a good place to ask small questions that do not merit their own thread here.


That is strange Can you try loading the install on another PC tos ee if your usb copy is somehow corrupt?

Upcoming Event: Faceless Library (XP Event) : MMElementalGuardians

From the Coming Events tab: My farmer can just Auto up to stage 5 with 3 fodder. The second thing you should do is me3 the Official Discord. It contains answers to nearly every question a new player could have. I tried that too. So time Wise it is worth it and exp Wise too.