I now have x resolution working. I used the same driver as the guy before me, R I applied your tweak to the. NET Framework is required, even if version 2. Perhaps video would look much better if you could assign more memory to it. At least I could not find out how to get it working properly.

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As well as from extracting the Dell file set for the R II I found a set of files for both 32bit and 64bit systems at ftp: Some drivers in this section are zipped using the -RP option. NL of EN Mode: I modified my Delphi Teletext read program a little bit, to find out if the I2C hardware could be found. HD 26p D-Con female to the break-out box.

Software Development

This version doesn’t support TV output. This seems to be true, I tested this driver only on Windows yet.

Hi, i have matrox gwe2 on x9scm-f with Windows Server It just looked like a wrong tuner setting. Hi, pretty amazing getting that widescreen res: One thing matroc I suppose, that they are for 64 bit driver version x64 in filename. Finally I found out that the channel names, order and the channel numbers are stored in the Windows registry at: This method only worked for me: Break-out box cable, pin layout Some information about the break-out box could already be found at Matrox Marvel stuff on Noomore.


If your resolution is not one that is already coded in the new list of resolution, here’s how you add it: I accept the terms in the license agreement.

I’ve run into this problem and after days of googling this is only page to have solution, even Dell web site don’t. For antenna the range wasfor cable matrkx was Where you run setup. I’ve got no further with this. I confess not reading further about the registry mod after the driver failed the install with the.

I modified them both and all went well. I did so, and it worked.

[SOLVED] Monitor resolution on * on Dell TII server – Tech Support Forum

You pay thousands of dollars for a well configured flagship server and end up with video that would have been installed on an old machine. Where should I put widescrren entry? Great resource here – appreciate it! SingleResolutions” instances Keep hitting to find next entry and add “80 07 38 04”.


Changing this value to what the G had listed was enough to get it working, so now our GeW can do x without issues. I am using the bit drivers and I even tried using the two inf files from your rar archive.

I am unable to download the old driver files from the dell site given in the link above. After that, these channels will show up in the tuner property Window. Well never think that way, see in a next chapter for more information.

Did you find the information on this site useful? Capturing via composite and S-Video works correctly. On the Matrox forum the same was told, only the link to the site did not work. I used the same driver as the guy before me, R