I think you need to contact home automation Europe. Fore more information and distribution of micromodules: X10 activehome professional free download and software. It is pretty important that i have this particular function, but is the use of the cm11 asking for trouble. For the lights i will buy those unidirectional modules. He continues about the functionality: User friendly Windows 98, and XP compatible software is provided with the Interface which includes graphical representat ions of switches, modules, etc.

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The marmitek sw10 shutter motor controller is the only module known to support these commands and marmitek keeps it a secret. Cable for your cm11 or cm12 to allow you to use it in a pc marjitek slot. At what level does a X10 module stop picking up the correct signals? I’m considering buying a PMIX Cart Contents Checkout My Account.

Marmitek cm11 software windows 7

Fix for multiple delay processing in macros sent to the cm11 ahp. I think you need to contact home automation Europe. Use this installation guide as a guide to get you started, but be sure to read the. When the program opens click on help for information on how to. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. You can also program the interface marmitk turn lights on at dawn and off mamitek dusk just by choosing your location from a worldwide list.


The last four switches we use to execute macro’s in the Marmitek CM11 computer interface, e. Because of the small size of the MicroModules you mxrmitek able to fit the module in the ceiling junction box or even the lamp fixture itself. I think you did already some of it Disconnect as many devices in your home as posssible Hi guys, got my cm11 with a serial and the usb cable from marmitej.

Events may be scheduled marmtiek occur at a particular time every day, on chosen days only, between chosen dates, etc. I was always blessed with rather clear powerlines.

Marmitek CM11 PC Interface 230v Active Home Automation Module

The interface can be set up via the windows software on the cdrom included with the interface. X10 usb activehome acpicompliant drivers download for.

Id like to replace the cp with an activehome pro cm15a. Board index All times are UTC.

CM11 not connecting

I have to admit it can be slow, but that is no issue for me yet. The CTX15 should be better then the CM11, but its also important how its connect and with what kind of electronic solution. For the lights i will buy those cm111 modules. Each of the four corners of the switch controls an X address. Fix for black frame flicker for some single video adaptor systems. I managed to find the Win7 compliant driver.


At the moment I have the CM11 doing the stuff again. Running the whole setup on VMware also did not solve the job. A command from a controller such as a mini controller normally operates a device directly, e.

I am not sure if it will work as the powerlink usb or not. Then only a reset of the PMIX35 will do the job. The marmitek mzrmitek allows you to use marmitek activehome and the cm11 computer interface via the usb port of your pc. Strange thing is that X10 signals send out by the TM13 RF tranceiver in the front living room on group 9 will easily reach the HCB on group 12 it reports the status change on the switchesbut not vice versa.

Now I push the switch again to dim the lamp”.