These keys will be the targets to which you need to remap the keys of your presenter. A wireless presenter is basically just a wireless keyboard with very few keys. If you click on your device in the main panel, information about it is displayed in a panel below. After saving the private. You need to use a special keyboard mapping program for this, like Ukelele.

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Logitech r Wireless Presenter • Sven Amann

Jun 11, Posts: Note that all remapping rules defined in Karabiner apply only when Karabiner is running indicated by an icon in the menu bar. Forum post became unavailable. So, now you have to find out pesenter keyboard shortcuts your specific presentation application uses. Thanks mate for this tip.

This opens the directory of the logitexh. So all we need for the buttons to correctly control Keynote is configure shortcuts from the key codes to the correct functionality: I don’t want the Spotlight which seems to work with the Mac. Karabiner is a Mac-based tool that allows to remap the keys for almost all kinds of input devices. This entry was posted on November 5, at Now, wideless press all the keys on your presenter and observe which keys get highlighted in the Keyboard Viewer.


Now the rule is enabled and applies whenever you use your specific presenter with your specified presentation applicatoin and not otherwise, as desired.

The Satechi is the only device I’ve seen that seems to fit the bill although I’m very nervous to buy something from logitecg company that I’ve never heard of. The same instructions apply to any other combinations of presenter and presentation application.

Logitech R presenter with Keynote on Mac works | Pim’s Blog

Download and Install You can download and install the newest Karabiner version from here. New Yawk, NY Registered: If you click Show Keyboard Viewera small keyboard appears on the screen, which highlights every key as it is pressed. The dot key hides the current slide.

Once you know how to remap the keys of your presenter with Karabiner, you can use it for much more than just presentations.

It displays the name of each key as it is pressed on the keyboard. Choose whichever you like and see if it works, chances are it will. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The spotlight model explicitly says that it does: This version is is actually called Karabiner-Elementsin contrast to an older version v The most important of these keys are the Next and Previous keys, which are supposed to switch to the next and previous slide in the presentation, respectively. A little searching brought me the answer. Sep 20, Posts: Wed Sep 13, 7: I just bought a Logitech r to escape pressing the arrow keys on my keyboard during presentations.


Presentdr the Logitech laser pointers work with either Macs or the iPad Pro? Now the rule is activated, and the remapping rules apply whenever you use your specific presenter device with the specified application.

If you want to adapt it to another app and device, you have to adapt the app IDs, vendor IDs and product IDs accordingly, as described further below. Heb je enig idee hoe ik dat kan fixen?

Remapping the Keys of a Wireless Presenter

Alternatively, you can completely exclude the input presdnter in question from being affected by Karabiner by unchecking them in the Devices tab, as shown below:. For example, I remapped the keys of my presenter to the keyboard shortcuts used by the Google Play Music player running in a web browser.

I will let you know about my experience with the Satechi. This document explains how to remap the keys of the presenter, to make it work with a specific presentation software.