I’ve had no crashes while until now. Go figure that one out? K7S5A Floppy drive data corruption – this happens all the time with diskettes its very common on all systems. If your ati card uses the agp port, go ahead and install the latest agp driver. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. It also performed right up there with the VIA chipsets, most of the time scoring higher. Check the reviews at Tom’s Hardware Guide and other reputable, independent evaluators.

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C-Media AC97 (ECS K7S5A V3.1)

For the good, there’s the ATA controller. Same thing for burning. Right after the release of the KTA chipset, it looked as if VIA was putting the motherboard makers under pressure to prevent the release of SiS motherboards before their improved chipset would hit the market.

Maybe he should pick up another DIMM and find out? Mainboard installation internal sound connections if you have installed a cdrom drive or dvdrom drive, you can connect the drive audio cable to the onboard sound system. Liva q is the smallest, palmsized, 4k capable pocket pc available in the market today.

Fixed FDD has problem in Windows I’m pretty sure that the massive internal bandwidth the chip has since the chipset is actually only one chip so North and South bridges talk directlygive significant advantage when doing things requiring input from PCI cards e. Used on nt4 wstn, but zip includes all windows me etc, on board sound for k7s5a.


Generally very happy users.

It looks like a pretty decent board. It’s just not stable and should have never been released without fixing these issues. I’ve run win 98 1st ed, win 2k pro, and now have win XP pro on it. But Epox do well, as do a number of others. I have tried every thing, and i believe its the k7s5a who cant coop with the geforce card.

The sound engine is an siscombined with either a realtek alc stereo codec, or a cmedia on the later 4channelcapable boards. These are the creative sound bank files that you can use with the mpu emulation of awe supporting sound cards.

Sign uadio Already have an account? Posted August 2, Hope this helps some. Low HD benches seem to be a hit or miss proposition.

I’ve used Abit’s, Asus, Tyan, and many other motherboards. Perhaps, it has the problem with qudio certain game access certain section or the PCI video card. D this tip might be helpful to some. On the B, CD exs would max out at 8X and my cpu so loaded that i could not do anything else on the computer. K7S5A Floppy drive data corruption – this happens all the time with diskettes its very common on all systems.


ECS K7S5A sound driver – Ars Technica OpenForum

I can burn at 8X, even on-the-fly, and my computer is still usable for small tasks. You also mentioned OC. K77s5a you want to go with the SiS chipset which is not silly – SiS chipsets are not the all-purpose disaster people make them out to be then at least go with a decent manufacturer.

I don’t need it anyways. This is the driver for the onboard sound card on the ecs k7s5a motherboard.

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My experience with Abit has been horrible: And all i can find at most websites is drivers for agp, lan, modem, sound, and usb 2. I’ll keep it mind, thanks. No, If you get errors from memtest you need to get new ram not the cpu. K7s5a pro sound driver device driver download, k7s5a pro ecs elitegroup motherboard mainboard fcs zkladn desky slot socket cant get sound with the onboard sound card.