But the problem is i cannot register on teknogods. Would want to test it but have P and HD on my laptop. Full readme for rev 2. Anybody tried these yet? Praise the Lord for this webpage.

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They say only W7, vista and W8 works for modded drivers. Some older games like Fear can be played in low details and low resolutions see ” Gaming Performance ” below. Forum Software Drivers Modified Intel laptop drivers for gaming! Modern Warfare 3 With modded drivers it runs and runs great. Anonymous June 8, at Karolinger March 8, at Therefore, the chip is noticable faster than the older one especially in 3DMark Furthermore, switchable graphics are only supported in the GM45 chipset.

Modified Intel laptop drivers for gaming! (Good FPS!)

It mean a lot to me. Dell inspiron Windows 7 ultimate Bit….

Anybody tried these yet? You don’t have to install them if you don’t want to, just optimize them using this guide before update to latest versionbut some games just don’t wanna work with them Mass Effect.


Doesn’t help for games. Updated INF for rev 2. I attempted to download it and got the SAME error as before. Anonymous November 11, at 8: NET Framework 4 to a new state.

I see a lot of folks demanding reasonable FPS out of their chips which is a reasonable ask really and intel always dropping the ball. I tried version 3 64 bit and the same error showed up. I had Windows Modsed disabled, and I had my Wifi card turned off as well.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD

RoyaBNA is still working on version 3, when it comes out I will give notice here on blog: I can speak only for games that I tested, that I wrote about in this blog, and all of them except work, can start or be played.

Modified Intel laptop drivers for gaming!

I had this error but with motherboard drivers, I fixed it by installing older version then update. Which games do not run? And you kodded to have cleaned computer, defragmented and disable all programs when playing.


World of Incredible Intel Graphics Modded Driver: Intel X

Yair van der Wieken February 20, at 7: It improves performance by disabling every service that is not needed while playing, it is not black magic or scam. Anonymous November 13, at 6: Mclightning88 April 23, at 5: Seems the issue stems from FireFox for some reason, as it worked fine in IE. x45000mhd

Royal BNA Driver v2. Sorry I couldn’t help more: It was the only way to play some games, and to make it more faster.