I want this keyboard back, and I want it to be wireless! The trackpoint feels just like trackpoints you get on IBM laptops. Mike at November 6, We are very glad to find you from the internet and know you are a strong firm. I found this site by googling “best keyboard in the world” because I need it.

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I bought an key space saver from clickykeyboards and ended up returning it. David, thanks for providing the opportunity to chat about keyboards.

IBM SpaceSaver II – Deskthority wiki

Plus, I can sit with my feet up with the keyboard kejboard my lap and surf the Internet! The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition with absolutely no signs of wear. Kevin at August 2, You can pick them up online http: In my work, I deal with staff ergonomic and I’m amazed that the computer manufacturers don’t see that they’re causing people pain.

Rick at January 17, Does anyone know of a source of replacement parts for these keyboards? Anyone out there who feels my pain about fluffy key action, lack keyvoard ear feedback, and inability of the key board to tell you by ear when you have hit a space?


I did the preceding at about 80 wpm. And it’s available with different kinds of switches clicky, tactile, linear to choose from.

Wow, I found someone who shares my opinion about the obsolete design of nearly every OEM keyboard. The learning curve for the SpaceSaver II has been much less than for the UltraNav – I just have to stop trying to type numbers on the cursor keys! Warning, as of this comment Lenovo’s ThinkPad keyboard apparently has firmware key stickiness problems.

IBM SpaceSaver II

I was wondering – i spacedaver personal interest in specciall custom device and i would like to talk with you personally. Not horrible, I am definately getting used to it If you have limited desk space, or if you can not comfortably reach that far for your mouse, you end up shifting your keyboard to the left.

Lee Pefley at January 27, This has the disadvantage of moving the home, end, insert, delete, page up and jbm down keys down by a square. What about your situation? It turned out that the typing “home position” on my keyboard was not directly in front of me.


IBM SpaceSaver II 37L0888 Wired Keyboard

Anyone know if these are the same piece of equipment? I think this is a common problem. Worth the extra for a nice Keyboard like this one. It works great with XP SP2. As a hint to anyone who finds this message: I keep hitting F1.

You might be interested in this Sspacesaver forget about the original Spacesaver Model M: Rick at May 22, I’m leaning towards the Dell Inspiro but I’m worried about the keyboard and the keyboaard that it is silver and possibly being hard on the eyes. I’m going to try one writer’s suggestion of removing the number pad caps on my desktop keyboard. Spacesaveer the space bar will get stuck. So the ability to have the trackpoint on this external keyboard to be less rigid is very important.

Yeah, I up to six of these suckers now.