Falcor Ars Praefectus Registered: I haven’t been able to test 2 player yet, but a friend has another guncon and I’ll look into doing that soon. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. I already knew that the original lightguns were very restrited in their functionality though it’s quite amazing how they worked, read some stuff in wikipedia, like SimicEngineer wrote, they required to track the beam. Hey in 2 player mode. They still operate at 50hz pal or 60hz ntsc refresh rate.

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Whats the difference between guncon 1 and guncon 2?

I can pick up time crisis 2 for around 35 bucks used without the guncon 2. Apr 1, Posts: Played duck hunt on a Nintendo 8-bit today. I haven’t tried it, but I doubt most FPS games would work very well with a light gun, even if someone wrote the necessary drivers to make it a pointing device. I know that if the gun looses track it always sends the same fixed coordinates this is why you see the cursor sometimes appears in the left mid-upper of the screen. Current guns need an external sensor or reference unit, similar to how the Wii Remote works.

Thank you very much, I hope you continue with this project, it may become the perfect solution I’m looking for. Yeah, I actually ended up installing xp and the guns detected no problem.

Lightguns for PC Games: Which Hardware / does it work :: Hardware and Operating Systems

You must gucnon I can’t legally pack my software with theses drivers even if they are free users must find and install it by themselves. It is not compatible with original PlayStation titles or PlayStation 3 titles.


The only downside is that I cannot turn on a auto-fire option. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

Guncon 2 – Dead Horse or Still Alive?

I re-checked again, but no loosing tracking even after long play Under Windows or under mame Concerning the edges of the screen and poor tracking. Still trying to make up my mind here on which way to go. Thanks for the post back flux. I’m also seeing a message winodws information view of Wingun that it cannot load the profiles.

Thu Jun 13, 3: Comparing it with WinGun this one tracks much better, I like the “shooting dots” system from wingun, but this one calibrates perfect without it, so it doesn’t matter, hopefully it is possible to implement some day the functionality of the other buttons of the gun as well as the remaping and the “Click on edge” as in wingun and a second gun, as I saw, is not based on RawInput, so the reload of the second player in Sega Model 2 is discarded, but the function of mapping the mouse button 1 and 2 to the first gun and the 3 and 4 to the second one would make this the best solution with difference for the rest of the games and emulators.


Sometimes the gun doesn’t register trigger fire. I can’t do more.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Guncon 3 features a “sub-grip”, mounted underneath the barrel and extending to the left side for use with the left hand.

This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat The controller is released in black in Japan, blue in Europe, and orange in North America. I needed to adjust the config file to get more accurate results.

I made a little change v0. Never point Guncon 2 at anyone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Personally, I dont use the flash, but I can understand why other people want it. Hate to pick up the gc1 and have some of the newer titles not work with it. Basically it is a two part project for the GunCon2 – a software screen flasher and a hardware timer circuit to fit shots inside of the white screen flash. Retrieved from ” https: Open the “x64” folder. Wikimedia Commons has media related to GunCon 2.

The other buttons work all right, but for some reason, like playing Time Crisis, your fire won’t come out off the trigger, so it’s better to map to one of thumb buttons instead.