The image above illustrates all the available options on the standalone control panel. At its highest resolution, we saw almost no tendency of the ‘s print drivers to produce “jags” along the sloping edges of the roof trim. Best to dpi. Things on the Internet may look like they’re free, but they’re not. Wait a few moments. Epson’s unique borderless printing capability and the easy standalone operation are really the icing on the cake. When held down for more than three seconds, this button reverse feeds roll paper so that it can be easily removed from the sheet feeder.

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We’ve included text-mode print times in this review, and intend to do so in the future. Tell us about your experience with our site.

A cheap and charming color laser printer A cheap and charming color laser printer by Dan Ackerman.

Situated on the right side of the printer when looking from the frontthis lever adjusts the printer for different paper thicknesses. The Print Quality pulldown menu offers a variety of quality settings, allowing you to select the one that best matches the use of your printout.

The “Mode” option lets you select between Photo-Realistic or “Vivid” rendering, or “Automatic” as shown above.

Accordingly, the times we report below are only for the printing process itself, once the printer has grabbed the paper from the input tray. Is this article you’re reading right now useful? Somewhere, somebody has to pay to produce worthwhile content. Of course, the “street” prices of the cartridges will be less if you shop around, possibly quite a bit less if you get lucky on the internet. There is a very significant improvement between and however.


We do think that there are puoto lot of users who will prefer the simplicity of standalone printing though, and for those people, the EPX is a great solution.

Clicking on the Print Preview checkbox and then the OK button pulls photto a preview screen, allowing you to review the image before printing it. If you have difficulty fitting the text on this page onto your printer output, simply resize your browser window to a narrower width and print again.

Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX – printer – color – ink-jet

Things on the Internet may look like they’re free, but 785ex not. Given that many other digicam makers have chosen to support the PRINT Image Matching technology, it’s a feature any avid photo enthusiast should seek out in a photo printer.

Improved lightfastness, up to 25 years for framed prints on Epson Heavyweight Matte Paper.

These prices are reduced phogo the original list price and are very comparable to, if not a little less costly than, its competitors. Max Media Size Custom.

Steves Digicams – Epson Stylus Photo EPX Inkjet Printer

The source ohoto had a resolution of dpi, while the printer engine resolution was set to x dpi. True 6-color photo printer with near-invisible 4 picoliter droplets.

Handy for automatically imprinting copyright information on your prints, without having to modify the original images to do so! Higher source image resolution actually resulted in more “jags” along the line of the white trim, due to poor resampling in the printer driver software.

These prices are comparable, if not a little less costly, than its competitors. Digital Printers Review First Posted: Epson claims that this process is more precise and consistent than competitors’ “thermal ink printing” process heating the ink to force it out of the print headand based on the positive market response, seems to have developed a very successful formula. For a long time, we’ve held that people will resist printing their digital images until the process gets as easy as just dropping your film at the corner drugstore.


Virtually no signs of jaggies, although there’s a microscopic roughness on the diagonal lines of the roof trim, as seen at right. With this option checked, you want to set the image size in your software to be just slightly larger than the paper size you’re printing on.

This is a pretty slick option – Only a few years back, you had to pay a lot of extra money for software that would let you “tile” images across multiple pages like this.

Even if your camera doesn’t have DPOF capabilities, you can use the printer’s built-in control panel to select size, layout, and print images from the card. Intro and Highlights 2. But, it is necessary for the piezo printing technology that Epson uses. There are apparently ways around this, involving toggling the printer power at strategic times, but we’ll leave it to those interested to track down the information for themselves: And even then, it’s pretty subtle.

Very handy, if you plan to use the printer in standalone mode a lot. Believe me, the printed results are well worth it.