Sorry, could also not solve the problem. Is there any benefits of using this instead of the one i mentioned inside IONetworkingfamily. I am very willing to act as a tester for such support in your driver. Unfortunately, the driver doesn’t sense when an Ethernet cable is plugged in and I don’t get a connection. As soon as I made DHCP to assign a local network address to the interface everything works like a charm.

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The installer takes care or removing conflicting kexts except the vanilla ones, which you shouldn’t touch.

Lnx2Mac’s Realtek RTL81xx Driver

The current version v0. Please see Reporting Problems above. When this capability is implemented, the DNSResponder daemon tells the bonjour proxy server that the system is going to sleep before actually going to sleep which enables the Bonjour proxy server to carry on advertising the service although the host is sleeping.

Thanks for your comment regarding WOL. I’ve been at this issue for 3 days solid. For example I open Ddual, type an address, hit Enter and it says I don’t have connection to Internet.


404 – Page not found.

Regarding your issues please see Reporting Problems above It works with RealtekRSL. Supported by request Ordering Information. It should work fine on your build. Your driver is great because it solves the usb-not-working-after-restart issue. The ‘no Dkal after reboot’ issue seems to be a direct result of the Realtek 2.

I think I have run into the same situation the other poster encountered above.

RealTek RTLCp datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Thanks for replay and i found that there is no support for my RealTek card i will wait for its support either in you kext or anywhere Or at mac lion anyway thanks for. To print the manual completely, please, download it. I’m using tonymac’s DSDT and had everything running fine except ethernet so I installed your driver w multibeast.

Keep the distance between.

How do I fix it?. Let’s hope you can figure it out soon Can you tell me how can i find Realtek’s Official one and how can i remove all realtek kexts. Fual anyone have any suggestions on how to get ethernet working?

However, the install of the Lnx2Mac driver fails either through MultiBeast or on its own, and with or without the debug option. Are other computers linking at 1Gbps with your switch?



You stated on Tonymacx86 that you hadn’t tested for WOL. You are obligated to provide the source code you know in that case. Then my main disk had an error that disk utilities couldn’t fix, so I formatted and restored from a time machine backup. Regarding your ipv6 question, I never tried this, but you can check this page: This is just what I need.

If you still have problems, please see Reporting Problems above. Well when I saw you new post. Once located, use the mouse.

Any progress on the control in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences? I have no idea what this DSDT has In addition, the computer loads slow and the screen freezes.