Selects which warning sound file will be played for notification by phone. Set TV out when triggered: Cameras are assigned to fixed groups see example below. Also used for initial desktop image VBV-Delay setup. License Agreement Notice to end-user: The video and audio file name must be matched.

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To record a sound Make sure you have sound card and an audio device attached to your computer. Page 85 enter this same username, the password will automatically be recalled. Please refer Chapter Enter new supervisor name and your chosen password.

Auto-Return Belt Drive Turntable CP-1400A

You can read more about this in the Netcom operation manual. This function is optional. Use for setting user privileges. Click on this icon to open Windows Sound Recorder.

Ameba Technology,

V ideo and Audio Recording Installation The video image zooms out at each click of the icon. General Information Tell us what’s missing.


What is the IP Identify Service? However, you will not lose c;-1400as of which cameras detected movement, because once you minimize the popped up ccp-1400as, you will see that every camera that detected movement will have a red border. Changing to larger number increases quality, but also size. Follow the instructions below to complete setup.

Page 59 and information of single video see below picture. Page 34 Baud rate This function is optional. Also, on the right side of toolbar, there is a bluish circle cpp-1400as Fig.

i-view cp-1400as

Exits the Video Tools setting window. You can set optimum auto-restart settings by doing the following steps: Please change the following settings on Windows. Click on the bottom Tool bar and you should see the following Fig Customer Support 7. General Setup Baud rate This function is optional. Page 87 Sp video X; button blanks the portion of the screen devoted to this camera.


Play back video clips: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Set which video will be shown on TV for the duration of alert Step 1. The process as below: AnyView Pro is only for modem-to-modem remote viewing.

User can configure which video signal output to TV by customizes his setting. Page 15 Step 3: Click to complete backup. After you login, you can explore the system through the following buttons.