You can edit the ID3 tags using jetAudio. Picture and Text Mode 6. The touch screen is well implemented. You could do worse than to give our podcast a try — FrequencyCast is a regular podcast that you can download to your device as an MP3 file. Upgrading Firmware 3 4 5 2 Basic Operations 1.

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Please contact batteryreplace cowon.

A closer look at the iAudio D2 from Cowon

Do not bend or press connection cables with heavy objects. Click here for a few seconds of DAB recorded on the iAudio kb, mp2 format. For individual inquiries, please contact us on-line as we will try to help you as best we can. FM Radio does not work. First off… this is one tiny little device.

If the problem continues, reset the player following the procedures outlined in the manual. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. If you want to listen to your MP3s in your car, there are a couple of options here. This setting can be selected on in Voice Record mode 9 Sets the duration for silent intervals before it creates a new file for recording.


Accessories A range of accessories are available for the iAudio D2, including memory cards, a power adapter, case, special film to protect the screen and a TV out cable.

Product Disposal COWON products contain built-in rechargeable batteries, and must be separately disposed from household waste. Users are strongly encouraged to check out our website for further information regarding product usages and software upgrades and patches. FM Radio Mode 1 3 2 4 3 5 4 6 7 9 8 10 1 Checks status of stereo or mono signals 2 Displays the country for radio signals, which can be changed under Settings mode.

Our Service Center does not back up files while repairing players. It automatically detects the silent intervals in incoming sound coson creates a new file when the silent interval exceeds the specified duration.

Sets the playback to the files in the current music folder. If you fancy listening to audiobooks, classic comedy or dramatry an audio book, comedy file or one of the other 18, audio files available from Audible.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Picture and Text Mode 6. The newly added drive can be viista in Device Manager or Explorer.

Cowon D2 – VERSION User manual |

Headphones, the tiny stylus thing, Coeon 2. Be sure to disconnect the power supply to the PC and USB power adaptor during lightening or thunder storm, to prevent danger to the user or the risk of fire hazards. Under each operation mode, touching the screen lightly will trigger a control screen to appear.


Connecting cables incorrectly may damage your player or PC. Once it is connected correctly, the following will appear on the LCD screen. Buttons do not respond.

Memory capacity of the player is different or smaller than specified. Check to see if the player is recognized in Windows Explorer when it is properly connected to PC. Check if the volume is set coaon 0 Check if the player has any music file stored in its disk.

FM Radio Mode 7.

Line-In Cable Converter sold separately can be vistaa 7. By upgrading the firmware, features of the product can be enhanced and bugs and glitches be fixed. During Radio recording, be sure to use the headphone to optimize sound quality. Drivers are also available for download from www. It takes about 5. Firmware Firmware is a program embedded in the hardware.