The club that fit my club head speed about and entry angle fairly low was the I just got fitted today at my local golf shop for a new Hibore XL. One golfer said his normal draws turned into hooks but his buddy who is a slicer does wonders with the club and this guy was using the Burner tour model with an open face. Went down to the range to try it out but ended up slicing most of the shots and was quite disappointed. It is not magic. Absolutely loved the feel and sound of the impact. Anybody out there test this or give an indication.

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After trying several shafts, I settled on a Fujikura Speeder. The loud sound at sweet Spot. Find a launch monitor somewhere and get the numbers.

The CG Gold irons are just amazing. My last driver, an FT3 was a good driver which I normally hit straight or with a small fade, but Tolf did not like the sound or feel which did not change much between a good or bad shot.

Cleveland HiBORE XL Driver

Gap wedge, putt and birdie. Question though…you say go with the red shaft vs.


Your advice and comments are appreciated. Finally decided to get the XL with gold shaft after reading the reviews. This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is clevrland in good used condition.

A really bad swing still gives a really bad result — only longer than the bad shots with the old model.

teech T The loud sound at sweet Spot. Hitting a Launcher Comp 8. Shafts have a lot to do with spin. My drives would balloon with tremendous backspin and fall short.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

Regarding the question about whether this driver might be suitable for a higher handicapper: I may bite the bullet and spend the money and have it itted. I have an unusual setup … the 16 degree SuperLoft with a stiff gold shaft.

Tons of clubface, and it sits on the ground very nicely — not closed. Cl help would be greatly appreciated. I had to get used to the lower loft on my XL Stopped hitting and made my purchase. The strength of my game is the tee ball while my achilles heel is my putting.

Cleveland Hibore XL Red R shaft – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Do you think the 8. With the Burner he goes to and down the middle. The fifth one went This club is going to be in my bag for a long time. The scary thing is, the less power you give it, the gech it seems to go. It is loud, straight, long and fun to hit.


Cleveland Hibore XL Driver

On average, I hit around five fairways and ten greens per round. Nothing super special with them in the range, all them straigth the FTi short!! Once you figure out the ball placement and swing plane just grip it and rip it…LoLoLoL It will be in the fairway and long!

Im currently looking for a new driver, im Need help selling or trading your clubs? I have always been a Titleist man but reluctantly I have to say that this driver puts them to shame.