The original Big Bertha Alpha driver that was launched earlier in is principally a low spin driver aimed at high swing speed players. I have a number of high end drivers and this earned a spot in my bag starting with the first swing I took with it this year. J Oct 2, at Brandon Oct 3, at My numbers show its ability to launch the high with a fairly low amount of spin and still retain a high level of ball speed on mishits. I then hit about five more shots with each club and they were hit in the same order.

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Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Driver – IGolfReviews

To beginners this roll may make the clubface look very small or they may feel it looks easier to pop up. Your email address will not be published. Patrick Reed signs with Nike Golf, is no longer on staff with Callaway. Callaway launches a new X Forged UT driving iron. Equipment 2 weeks ago. Desmond Oct 19, at AlphaSpeeder regular flex shaft, That said, I am disappointed that you did not add the BB and Alpha to your test. Callaway turning into TM.

Both drivers are considerably better in my opinion. Go buy almost any driver at dirt cheap specials and you will get very wlpha the same results as these diamon.


Its all just so much horse manure diqmond the average golfer who will not, cannot, and would not buy a new driver every other month. I did find this daimond suggest the posibility of a smash factor slightly over 1. Marco Oct 2, at Some people want the best and will pay large sums of money for it.

BTW, premium shafts do not mean premium results. Read your research if you actually do any and work the formulas before you comment.

He played college golf at the University of Richmond Go Spiders! Accuracy no worse than my prior driver, possibly more stable and more supportive of confidence.

The original Alpha sits in between the and the DBD for spin, hence why the Alpha is being discontinued, but the higher spinning standard blue headed Big Bertha is maintained in callawat range blac, Mike Oct 3, at Sans alignment aid as well as a very deep face with a compact body for a full driver is impressive.

When you plug that into the equations, you can get a full 1. Hopefully that will help your argument and educating process for MHendon. Leslie Chow Oct 7, at 2: Not very relevant but I played with blakc absolutely terrible golfer a couple of months ago who was admiring my x2 hot.


Callaway seem coy about what it brings and talk about RMOTO increasing the smash factor, but reading between the lines, the ribs in the design allow the edges to flex a little more in a similar way to the various channels in other drivers.

Ian Jan 6, at Baseball a good quality glove can last years or the worlds most popular sport soccer. A practical driver beating 1. I surely think it was a brriant choice. People like you MHendon once protested that the earth was flat.

First Hit: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 and Double Black Diamond Drivers

Each shaft I thought went well, but hey, the club is black. You make a point. Well, basically it spins a little more and is more forgiving. Others can wait 2 years and get it for or less. Your are providing information from an equipment company looking to sell their equipment based off one of their tour players alphs data.