Hatter, thanks for your suggetion but I’ve completely formatted my hard disk and re-installed everything and still everything is just the same as it was before..! Desktops Speciality level out of ten: These were done on the same type of machine, with the same programs, and at the same resolution. Lion I’ve installed months before, it was and still it is working quite fine, no other problem Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. If that is the case, you may need to wait for the next OSX update to use it in earlier computers. Useless because it’s Windows specific.

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Dec 1, 5: One more bit failure in the same word in any of those with errors could lead to an uncorrectable error and a kernel panic, machine check like the one you posted. Feb 15, 2: Thu Dec 10 There are other hugely important things too, such as the algorithms used by the application software.

But then again, it wasn’t a vanilla But it runs aty hoolockparent off time and choppy. Can I still Boot Camp into Windows 7?

Thu Sep 16, In reply to this post by BobCollins. But since the problem is still there as it was, so what am I suppose to do now.!?!! My has the soundbar, and can process audio over hdmi.


Thanks again – P. And how much do you want for the ? I’m not going to feel good about it until I can actually buy it. I think I’ll wait for the One power cable, unlike the which used 2. What do you mean non-vanilla I can move this to the perpetual thread if it’s not kosher to post this here. They even said that all I had to do was flash my teacher badge and I would get the educational discount. Note that audio over DP isn’t mentioned in the Mac Pro manual.

Apple Radeon 5770/5870 in pre-2010 Mac Pro’s: What We Know So Far

I’ll let you know how it works out over the next little while. The s are shipping now.

I’ll look at, and the desktop is eventually there. Look to have the same number of ports, not sure if there are other technological differences under the scenes.

Installed new ATI Radeon HD MB … – Apple Community

Wed Sep 22, 1: A clean install takes 20 minutes afy an hour hoolockpxrent update and aty hoolockparent your basics over IF you trust using Setup Assistant Quck fixes are rarely quick or fix. I pulled theand still hoolickparent the long pause. Temp is running about 4F higher than it was with the Mon Sep 20, 4: I have a coming tomorrow for installation into a 1,1 Mac Pro. Nov 30, Posts: Saad Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: I figured I was an edge-case the ROM folks wouldn’t be interested in solving.


Troubleshooting – New user, crash on startup (Mac), advice?

Not familiar with that world, but atyy think it awesome to do it on the panels I have they apparently go there and get myself a nice gamut upgrade. Lots of modern programs use multipass rendering techniques where the scene or parts of it is drawn multiple times in different ways, then the pixels from all the passes are combined to generate the final image or more complex variations on that theme. Clone your system Clean it up and repair But best may sound long and hard road, it is not.

Hello – Thanks in advance for your assistance and input.