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The till now often much too small keyboard could primarily profit from the case enlargement, next to the display.

The measured surface temperatures on the upper side of the netbook reached a maximum of Touch typing wasn’t a problem on the new tracjpad, either, and could convince with a very pleasing pressure feeling and a discreet noise level.

The screen comes off excellently at the maximal image contrast, as well.

How did they manage to squeeze the new 10″ display into that case? The netbook is even available with an UMTS module, optionally. Once, the first Eee PC from Asus, equipped with a 7 inch display, set the long-lasting netbook hype in motion. The, already for quite some time applied, multi-touch technology from Apple differs primarily in the identification of several contact points. With a resolution of x pixelsit grants predominantly maintainable office use and also most websites are still “surfable”.

Thank you very much for your time and your help.

An absolutely clean and full sound was delivered from the netbook with the 3. The Eee H doesn’t belong to the lightest of its class with a weight short of 1.


The offered battery life could convince for that, though. Since the initialization of aasus netbook trend, Asus manages time and again to define the existing staff for other netbook competitors with its models.

ASUS Eee PC 10ha Laptop Palmrest Touchpad 13goa0d7ap H | eBay

Asus departs, therefore, from the single rowed return key, as well as from the hardly useable, due to being very narrow, cursor key in the 9″ version of the Eee PC. Since the beginning, Asus provided for important impulses in the very young netbook segment with the Eee PC. Asus Eee H Outdoors. A virus scanner in the background can already be responsible for very evident decelerated processing of single actions, since the performance reserves are innately calculated very tackpad.

Asus is, as usual, in the front row and offers with the Eee PC H an according model with an already big fan club.

ASUS Eee PC 1000 Touch Pad Palmrest 13GOA0D8AP040

When I install new drivers from the Asus site, it works for one restart, and then stops working on the second restart. The small, and with only almost grams, very light weighted power supply unit just only just fits into the included cover, as well.

Hello, have you checked under device manager to see if your touchpad is recognized? Unfortunately, it runs partly even without noteworthy load and then it’s even very much annoyingly audible. Deactivation of touchpad on EEE PC H OK well I did notice that it would only work if shm asue enabled now the arch wiki has a fair few snippets but this is difficult with out being able to try.


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Please, switch off ad blockers. Do you use a usb mouse? The 10″ netbook competition is big: The right ctrl key, as well as the right shift key are the only ones to be criticized for their size, having definitely earned a bit more space. I would be grateful for any more tips from your side. You are awesome that is all it was Both problems should be solved with xsus introduction of the 10″ form factor.

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In the HDTune benchmark test the hard disk showed a very passable transmission rate with an above average access time of Skip to main content. When I’m using the SaX2 configuration tool I simply can’t see how to deactivate the touchpad because there is only one mouse.

Extending the internal display or cloning the same, as well as a detached representation on the internal or external monitor are possible.

With this the Eee H asue a lead on many of its netbook colleagues, these being equipped with a smaller dimensioned energy source.