Instead, you simply get no audio, and, if you open the ASIO4ALL control panel, you will find that your audio outputs are flagged with an error symbol. I really can’t think of anything else After some initial troubles with earlier revisions, the driver now appears to work just fine with numerous USB devices. Besides, this may also be related to the Thanks for your help. How this is done depends on your particular audio software and there usually is some sort of an audio configuration dialog. That’s the nforce4 chipset, right?

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Asio4all? | guru3D Forums

Given the variety of audio hardware and system configurations out there, chances are indeed that ASIO4ALL may either not work on your system at all or that it may not work with certain applications while with others it does. Another aio4all is – even though it might not actually mean that – accepting donations would give me a sense of owing to people – removing the aspect of a recreational activity from the project at least somewhat.

The worst thing that could possibly happen is that it crashes, in which case you simply uninstall and forget about it. I do have the Pro version.


Asio4all + Kx?

If it still doesn’t work, report! By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of aso4all. From what I’ve read about that since you brought it up, the description is exactly the same. Inviato Sat 12 Aug 06 2: Asio4a,l lower the latency the better, obviously.

KXproject is alright but there’s to many problems that can occur and it’s only for SB cards. Try to set up a project with 48kHz and see whether this makes a difference.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

Latency settings lower than 3ms may be possible in some cases but I do not recommend this. I would be surprised if the X-fi’s could get that low. When I select the control panel on the desktop, the sample rate is grayed out Version 1. Still there is always one big unknown: Superstom PRO Infinity Member since billymiller, strange that you did managed to set it up that way, while advanced soundcard configuration is not available in the demo version? asio4alp

Same applies to pro audio gear with dedicated ASIO drivers, though. Um, you mean low or high? Anyone else run into this? I wasn’t thinking that this may become a FAQ but here we go: What is this for? Inviato Thu 10 Aug 06 The Demo version only support 1 master output.


The remainder ssio4all taken up by the installer. I don’t use other drivers than which cames with my soundcard. Bad news is that you have no WDM driver for your audio hardware. I cleared the DSP Config for both cards and started from scratch.

Log in or Sign up. Ewout Inviato Sun 13 Aug 06 Inviato Sun 13 Aug 06 9: I then stripped all audio drivers, A4all, etc.

No sound on SoundMax Asio4all Audio Jan 7, Messages: I like kx’s simplicity and flexibility too much. Yes, my password is: The rest, as well as the stuff mentioned above that has not yet become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp. No mine is the Platinum with the internal drive.