Evolving calibration hierarchies for diabetes diagnostics. There are some 52 accredited calibration and test laboratories world-wide, all of which rely on the International System of Units and on metrological traceability to ensure that laboratory measurements and tests get the right results. We are delighted to announce that Dr David T. It would appear that US and British politicians and military leaders have been caught leadened footed by the surprise assault on Tikrit by Iraqi and Iranian forces a few weeks ago. Special issue of Metrologia on International determination of the Avogadro constant.

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The Jakarta bomb is a rather crude binary device with an accelerator charge, presumably designed to mix chemicals for the secondary charge to vaporise the agent and disperse it. In fact, conventional IEDs are far, far more dangerous. This year’s theme focuses on how accreditation can be a global tool to support public policy for all areas in the public sector – national and local government, regulators.

The most popular standard for ai competence of testing and calibration laboratories has just been updated, taking into account the latest changes in laboratory environment and work practices.

Iraqi TV is thick with praise for the Iranian support, and fighters on the ground are criticising the lack of Coalition effort. Special issue of Metrologia on Neutron Metrology.

Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary wmf support services.


We invite you to download the promotional poster and other material from the World Metrology Day website, and to browse the many events being organized around the world to celebrate the day.

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Measurements and the global energy challenge. A new website launched by the JCTLM is aimed at increasing the understanding of metrological traceability and its impact on the consistency of acceleraor results in laboratory medicine.

CCM Pilot Study of future realizations of the kilogram.

However, they are now engaged in limited action. World Metrology Day The World Metrology Day poster, celebrating Measurements and Lightis now available for download.

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Resolutions of the CGPM Tables of Radionuclides Vol. The Acccelerator is proud to announce this honour in acknowledgment of his scientific research, publications, international standing and supervision of the BIPM international dosimetry standards programme.

What’s in store for the next generation? CCU Recommendation U 1 Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

BIPM – News from the BIPM

BIPM’s expanding electronic archives. He also established the national calibration programme for vibration acceleration in Japan.

It discusses new and future developments and presents the – sometimes accflerator – procedures for making international recommendations. There were a number of reports of ISIS using chlorine on a small scale in Novemberincluding an accident which killed 15 Jihadists as they tried to load a rocket with chlorine which then exploded.


It is apparent that Jihadists are being taught how to use industrial chemicals, mainly chlorine, as a device to terrorise. We will always keep him in our memory. Annual Report on Time Activities Thank You for Submitting Your Review,!

The formal Notification of Contributions forlisting the contributions due by Member States and the subscriptions due by Associates of the CGPM, is now available for download. Focus on the Boltzmann constant. Explaining and promoting the Quality Infrastructure. Did this solve your problem?

There is respectable reporting to suggest ISIS have been experimenting with improvised CBRN for some time — there are some shocking videos of rabbits being poisoned with nerve agent in in Syria, acceldrator by stories that some of the Assad chemical stockpile crossed the border into Iraq in late A further comparison is foreseen in the CCQM strategic planas NO 2 ia a major air pollutant and precursor to the formation of greenhouse gases.

Publication of Accelerstor He is participating in the project related to the improvement of the time link calibration for the generation of UTC.